Update 07/02/2014

Listen to our track "ELUANA OUT OF THEME" written for "Riskio" Exhibition in Bologna by Franco Armieri and Alessandro Negrini.

Eluana out of Theme Soundtrack by Akt
Soundtrack live:
Monday 2014 February 10
Lunedi 10 Febbraio 2014

Sala Ciano - Sala Maggiore (Ex GAM) - del Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi
di piazza Costituzione 4/A a Bologna

Update 21/01/2014

Colonna sonora della mostra Riskio.

Ci sono eventi, fatti, fenomeni riguardanti la vita di un essere umano che si possono descrivere e giudicare, ma dei quali non č possibile comprendere il modo in cui la persona interessata li ha vissuti o li sta vivendo. Attraverso la "colonna sonora" di una esposizione artistica, filosofica, di carattere prevalentemente visivo e concettuale come quella di Riskio, che si tiene al Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi di Bologna, dal 24 Gennaio 2014, ciķ che č possibile udire, in quegli ambienti, č il tentativo di comunicare questa impossibilitā di comprendere l'altrui vissuto.

Eluana out of Theme

.Venerdi 24 Gennaio 2014 alle ore 20:30
.Sabato 25 Gennaio 2014 alle ore 19:30

Sala Ciano - Sala Maggiore (Ex GAM) - del Palazzo della Cultura e dei Congressi di piazza Costituzione 4/A a Bologna

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Update 06/11/2012

If we consider the universe life, this is only an instant.

Update 29/03/2012

We have noticed that PDF files containing Blemmebeya and Dentrokirtos artworks contain an error and cannot be downloaded. We apologize for it and we are upgrading them...

the Akt crew

Update 22/10/2011

And finally a momentary need of water. What kind of music is that?! We really don't know, but frAKTal.two() is now ready for download. We do apologize, but also this EP is free and out of every copyright.

Clik here to join it.

the Akt crew

Download frAKTal.two

Update 17/06/2011

Now we are making an experiment: you can now download Blemmebeya without some tracks so you can play it by your own. We have called it "OpenBlemme". Please tell us if you download it and feel inspired and then send us your works at lothar@abstrakt.it. We shall publish all the versions we receive.

Clik here to join OpenBlemme.

the Akt crew

Update 16/05/2011

Hi Guys! we must deeply thank you 'cause we have counted more than 300 downloads since mid april! We hope you keep on grabbing for free, that is the greatest way to pay us for our music.

The large ammount of surfers during last month forces us to transfer our pages to a new web server beacuase of a band-overflow. So in the next two weeks the site may be offline for 24/36 hours.

Don't miss to check out for news, we are going to publish the OpenBlemme project.

Thank you again.

the Akt crew

Update 05/05/2011

Dear Akt fan,

we are sending this message in response to your request of buying a physical copy of one or more of our CDs. We really appreciate your interest! However, we don't currently sell physical copies of our CDs. Instead, we encourage our fans to follow a DIY approach using the art&booklet packages you'll find on our download page in this website, if they feel so inclined.

If you think about it, the only difference with respect to common marketing practices is that nobody gets paid for reproducing something that you could reproduce yourself, then transporting it to some place hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. We think our approach is both more ethical (no imposition of an artificial scarcity) and more environmentally friendly (no transnational/transcontinental transport of goods that can be produced locally).

All this is done on purpose and is a fundamental part of Akt's artistic and political vision. The only thing we ask you is the following: while you build your CD, listen to the track "Zeitgeist" from "Blemmebeya", it will help you work better :-D

all the best and keep making progress!

the Akt crew

Update 15/04/2011

Click to download Blemmebeya.

Now Blemmebeya is available for free download. Click here. You can download single mp3 files, wav uncompressed files or iTunized M4a files zipped in .rar archives. You can also download the graphic package in order to print the cover booklet. We suggest you to do it by yourself but if you want to receive the phisical CD please send an email at lothar@abstrakt.it

Blemmebeya è un documentario musicale che testimonia ciò che può accadere quando l'assalto dell'informazione riesce a privare un'intera popolazione delle teste, decapitandone il pensiero.

Delegando la funzione cogitante al proprio ventre, questo popolo acefalo non saprà più evolvere in alcun modo le proprie idee in risposta ai mutamenti esterni che rimarranno impercepiti, ma solo perchè dipinti in un luogo ormai troppo alto per essere raggiunto dai loro sguardi nati dalle viscere.

Alcuni individui sapranno ugualmente guardare così in alto, fino a interpretare i potentissimi esempi (così sottili ma ineluttabili) offerti dai mutamenti atmosferici, dai venti e dalle nubi. Questi nitidi agenti atmosferici ci offrono un'ultima possibilità di comprendere, ma allo stesso tempo, scandiscono con chiarezza l'arrivo della fine.


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Update 23/07/2009

Update 14/07/2009

Loosing our heads.

Update 20/05/2009


Blemmebeya is taking shape...
albeit at a continental-drift pace.


Update 09/03/2009


Testing the new rehearsal room...


Update 25/02/2009

The new Nellarmadio Studio is almost ready, the landscapes are changing.

Preview 1 Preview 2

Update 09/02/2009


New Déntrokirtòs review:

>lamùsicaescultura (09/01/2009)

"Me encanta cuando no tengo que decir mucho para describirles el asunto que se trae una banda, como lo es el caso de los Italianos AKT (No confundir con los suecos A.C.T) a quienes puedo resumir con la siguiente frase:..." continue

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