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2016: II


Gear and Credits




Marco Brucale:
Seagull Excursion Natural (2013) with Seymour Duncan MagMic SA-6 (Presonus TubePre preamp) and Fishman Sonicore (Fishman Isys-T preamp) pickups, mounting .013 Martin Bronze strings. Several different junkyard-grade steel- and nylon-stringed guitars recorded via a Rode NT-1000 and a Schertler Dyn-G pickup.

Paolo Fiandra: Various firewood-grade wind instruments including a Clariphone Chalumeau, a Floret FL-100 Flute, and several cheap recorders. Soft: Alan Vista's Vibro Master, Crotalinae, Bells Ebuth. Steinberg Hypersonic V. 2.0. String Theory by Chris Sciurba.

Elianto Puro: 37-keys Fratelli Crosio Melodica. Masterkeyboard Orla Commander C80 with Native Instruments Akoustik Piano V. 1.0. Robert Krzywicki's Micromoon e Moon SonoSx. John Potter's Mellow Sound Module. Redtron Module SE V.1.5 by Artifake_Labs. Native Instruments Absynth V. 5.10.

Achille Ottani: Fernandes Retrorocket Pro with Sustainer (2006), Thomastik-Infeld .010 Superalloy Strings, ST-Picks "Speedy Hybrid", "Speedy Cocco" and "Luca Colombo Signature" picks. Weston SX Spectrum Graphite Neck (1986) with GHS Boomer .010 strings , Fender Classic (Hard) picks. Banjo 5 Strings Stagg SX.

Simone Negrini: Alesis DM10 Pro with Native Instruments Contakt Drum Module "Studio Drummer" for Snare, Toms, Kick, Crash, Splash and XLN Audio Addictive Drum Module for Ride and Charly. Evolve Mutation Library. Several random percussions from different countries. Ableton Live 9 Suite.

Alessandro Malandra: Stagg EMD 02. Warwick Streamer Classic. Ibanez EWB 30. 3/4 Goya. Soft: Jamup pro; Bias Amp; Native Instruments Guitar Rig V. 5.1.1 ; Thumb-jam;

Audio mixing: Simone Negrini.

Audio mastering: Marco Brucale

Lyrics and music: Akt.

Artwork, graphics and layout: Alessandro Malandra

Cover photo: Veronica Ferrara

Recorded between 2013 and 2015 @ Nellarmadio Studio in Bologna, Italia.